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Marketing & Business Solutions

A tailored approach to meet your needs!

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Our Expertise

Marketing & Business Solutions LLC, is a full service marketing and business development company, offering support to non-profit and for-profit companies. We provide a tailored approach for all of our clients to meet their specific needs with a customized plan, professional recommendations, and a thorough and integrated approach with measurable results.

Our Services

Whether it's traditional or online marketing for your brand or cause, we can help!  We focus on your needs and goals to develop an integrated plan that is comprehensive and actionable.  There is nothing worse than having a plan you can't implement!  Our services are tailored and scalable to your needs and budget.  We can help you create and refine the following: a marketing strategy and action plan, print design and collateral pieces, newsletters (for web or print), direct mail, branding, copy writing, video and commercial production.

It's hard to find time to manage all of those social media pages. Do you get confused about when to Tweet and how to get more "Likes"? Not sure what to say to your online audience to build awareness and support?  We utilize social media tools that are the best for your business or organization, create a plan and calendar on what to say and when, build audience support for your brand or mission and track how people are interacting with you. If you don't have in-house support to manage your social media pages,we can serve as an extension of your team or train personnel on how to do that, too!

Do you have a brand that is looking for a "good cause" to link with and support?  Or are you a non-profit that could use some additional awareness and community support but need a business with which to partner? We can create the perfect match and a plan to grow businesses' brands while giving back.  This allows organizations to gain strategic partners to build both awareness and support. 

How are you going to meet your fundraising budget this year? Do you have a plan of action? What resources do you have to help you achieve your goals? If you don't have a plan, you need one! Today's environment is more competitive than ever for non-profits, and donors want to know how their gifts are impacting others.   Our experience in fundraising planning, development and implementation can help you reach your annual goals with an action plan that focuses on communicating impact and opportunity for your donors to invest in the good work you do! Whether it's broad planning and strategic focus in a traditional consulting role, or rolling up our sleeves and filling in the gaps your team may be challenged with, we help you focus on how to maximize the following:

  • Donor Cultivation
  • Impact Messaging
  • Annual Giving
  • Social Media
  • Donor Relations
  • Marketing / Public Relations
  • In-kind and Volunteer Recruitment
  • Major Gift Investment Opportunities
  • Planned Giving

Your donors want to hear about the good work you do...let us help you!

Your business or organization needs a corporate communications strategy. Do you need help announcing a new CEO to your shareholders or the public, recognizing employees, or creating internal communications? Do you have employees working in remote locations and feel a lack of connectedness to each other? Let us create a plan and messaging that will put your best foot forward and tie together the most critical elements about your goals and corporate culture!  We tie important corporate milestones to your public relations plan for consistency and help you create messaging and maintain your intranet - if you have one - or help you create one, if you don't!

Need help getting the word out about what you do? Our public relations experience can help you gain awareness in the media (print, online, radio, television) and in the community including: media planning, community awareness strategy, press releases, media interviews, news stories and more. Everyone deserves their 15 minutes of fame! We just believe you can receive it on a more consistent basis with the right pitch! 

Is your audience finding you in online searches? Do you know how to maximize keywords and tags to rise to the top of search results?  Is the content on your website fresh and current?  Our goal is to help people find you and, once they do, remain engaged. We help you maximize search engine capabilities to find your business, but also help you update content on your website so that once you are found, there is a way for your audience to act and come back for more!

Whether you need help optimizing your current advertising plan, or need help creating one we have ideas on how to maximize your budget, because you want the most bang for your buck!  There might also be some ways you can promote your business or cause will little or no cost! Let us help you think outside of the box and find the best ways to target your audience!

Have you ever been to an event and wondered..."How did they do this?"  Or hosted an event that you realized took more time and planning than you thought? Would you rather enjoy the event than plan it? Our extensive background in event and promotion planning can take you out of the event planner seat and into the role of hosting your guests because, let's be honest, that's what you'd rather be focusing on.  Whether it's an on-site promotion tied to promoting your business, a corporate event (large or small) or fundraising event (more traditional luncheon, dinner or something unique to your organization) we can help you plan and execute an amazing experience for your guests and donors. We will drive the logistics and moving pieces so that you can focus on your guests and their support!

Do you need someone to follow up on leads that you haven't had time to contact? Do you get caught up on a project and realize that you haven't spent time filling the pipeline with new prospects?  Do you just need a little help with follow up or follow through to increase customer retention and new business?  We can become an extension of your team.  Let us help you with the work you don't seem to have time to do, or secure key relationships so that you can take the next steps to grow your business.  It's all about planning and prioritizing, which we happen to be pretty good at. 

Do you know where you are going or where you want to go, but don't have a road map or GPS to get there? Who do you want to be? What do you need to accomplish? Who is going to do what? Let us help you define your road map so that you have a guide and don't get lost along the way, with flexibility of course.  We can work with your team, board of directors or leadership team to make sure everyone is heading in the same direction in relation to your corporate goals, corporate culture, branding or re-branding, and fundraising initiatives.  Let's face it: it's always easier to know where you're going and what your route options are than to be stranded and asking for directions in the middle of your adventure.